Path of free living

Hello Everyone , How is everybody doing ?

I am writing after such a long time .There are few things which i always think about , First – Fitness and Second – Investing . Lets talk about investing today .

Recently i have been talking to people around me and asking them a very simple question . Do you invest ? . and i found out very less people invest their money .

I started trading almost a year back , started with paper trading  and then moved to an actual trading platform , and the journey is really amazing so far . Met with people who have become billionaires.

So i decided to spread awareness about ( Stock, Forex and Crypto) trading . Since then i have added 5 people into my trading community , who have never ever traded earlier.

The fact that people do not have trust  in trading is because there are a lot of fake platforms around and its very easy to slaughter a common man .

So let me share some useful tips which can help you start trading safely

  • Before you trade any instrument ( Stock , Forex , or Crypto) Read , Read and Read as much as you can about the product
  • Open a free demo account on trading platform and start trading . Link below
  • Before you place your first trade you should know how to use the platform and the most common terms used in trading

I will write more about  “how to start trading?” in my next blog

Till then

Stay fit, Much love

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